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Unique and provocative expressions printed on tee shirts for men and women of all ages. Available in sizes SM -5XL & many great colors. 100% ORGANIC cotton available too.

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We offer a fantastic selection of very unique expressions which are displayed on Tee Shirts. We believe in freedom of expression and believe you do too! Please take a moment to explore the Social, The Sexes, Political, and Truckers categories listed above. We are sure you will find something you would love to express on a Tee Shirt. There is something for everybody.

We have entered into a partnership with a Premier Vendor who will expertly print our expressions onto Tee Shirts of your liking. Each expression is also available on 100%  Organic  cotton Tee Shirts. All of our Tee Shirts qualify for a "Bulk" discount when you purchase 50 or more of the same expression, size and color. The discount is calculated at check out.

As you scroll through the categories simply select your favorite expression then click on the type of Tee Shirt you want to order from the four links next to each item. Select the size and color and complete the order process. That's all there is to it.

Please note that some of our expressions use numbers. These numbers correspond to the letters on a standard  touch-tone keypad.  We hope you enjoy this novel feature which is sure to catch people’s attention.

You will also find that we offer several shirts with _______ (blanks) on them. They are for you to decide how you would like to "Fill in the Blank" and then have people ask you what you have “Filled in the Blank” with. Just think of the fun you can have with this.

Send us an email  if you like, but if you’re going to B & M about what we are selling, we probably will not respond.

**Disclaimer - PLEASE BE AWARE, that in this “Politically Correct” world we live in, some of our Tee-Shirts may be considered “Controversial” or "Offensive" to some people. Please wear our Tee-shirts "Proudly" and “Safely". We will not be held responsible for any “Issues" that might occur from the wearing of our Tee-Shirts. Purchasing our Tee-Shirts says you understand this and accept this responsibility for yourself.

Please enjoy your Gzs-Tees experience!!!